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Located in Rochester, NY, Pond's Edge Venue is a private, family-owned, man-made venue that is perfect for your photoshoot, especially those dream wedding photos!

Where to begin...

The idea for Pond's Edge Venue could be compared to a snowball rolling down a hill. It started small, when owner Mike Best had established a concept of building some new scenery upon a 5 acre property to keep things interesting. Mike has always been a busy body, and this was going to be his next project.

But as the project went underway, he started to see something different in his concept. There was unseen potential in this land and its surroundings, and with some work it could be much more.

After multiple years of work and a few bumps in the way, this property project had evolved and now even had its own name, Pond's Edge Venue.

Pond's Edge Venue is now constantly under-going upgrades and enhancements when events are not underway to make the absolute most beautiful photography space imaginable available for you.


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